Alexander Group's 2017 Strategy Forum


May 8th – 5:00pm – 9:00pm

Reception and Dinner

Opening Keynote

A Chief Revenue Officer’s Perspective on Building a Go-To-Customer Strategy
Learn from the experience and distilled wisdom of one CRO’s successful journey down this path. Followed by a panel discussion.

May 9th – 8:00am – 4:30pm

Briefings and Panel Discussions

The Emergence of the Revenue Leader
Sales leaders have a strategic imperative to collaborate with colleagues in marketing, product development and operations to find growth opportunities, build growth strategy AND provision the sales/service resources needed to execute.  This is the new role of the revenue leader.  Understand what sales leaders are doing to enhance their influence over strategic decisions and build a scalable revenue growth engine.

Revenue Growth Investment Strategies
Where are leading sales organizations placing their bets to meet aggressive growth objectives?  Participate in a briefing and panel discussion that will explore where sales leaders are investing…from enablement to channels to technology…to increase their ability to outpace the competition and meet the needs of new and demanding buyers.


Revenue Leaders – the New Change Agents
Growth often depends on transforming sales organizations from promoting things to delivering value.  That can mean a lot of things.  Crafting a compelling new vision for customers.  Building capability to reach and serve new and demanding buyers.  Deploying vertical expertise and harnessing digital sales technology.  The common denominator in all of this is a revenue leader who takes charge and makes it happen.  Hear how one such leader succeeded in changing the fundamental role of the top sales executive at her company…and is building a revenue growth engine in the process.

Succeeding in the New Sales Leadership Ecosystem of Marketing/Sales/Service
Acting on the Go-To-Customer mandate means building bridges between marketing, sales and service.  Only such a multi-functional team is able to build and deliver the requisite value.  And only the sales leader is in a position to pull this team together.  Find out how one sales leader made this happen.

Interactive Roundtables

Roundtables will explore the new role for sales in each aspect of building go-to-customer strategy.

A new role for sales leadership in…

Finding and Exploiting Growth Opportunity
This roundtable will explore how sales organizations build or access the expertise to identify under-served/under-penetrated customer groups and the growth opportunity such groups represent.

Enabling New Capability
Explore how sales leaders are enabling their transforming organizations to target growth opportunities and deliver new messages and outcomes to demanding customers.

Balancing the Resources Needed to Build, Close and Nurture Customer Relationships
Explore how Sales teams with Marketing and Service to ensure new services are implemented and integrated into customer business processes.

Networking Reception