Insurance Buyers Willing to Switch Carriers for Better Options in New COVID-19 Reality

Contact: Paula Clark
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December 17, 2020, Scottsdale, AZ. – Alexander Group, a revenue growth management consulting firm that specializes in the health insurance industry, recently interviewed corporate health insurance buyers on their program expectations from carriers in the new COVID-19 reality. The results showed that carriers are no longer meeting buyer demands in the following five areas: work-from-home packages, case management tools, self-insurance assistance, wellness programs, and value-add, data-driven benefit options.

To discover how health insurers are addressing new buyer demands, Alexander Group recently launched a new survey, Health Insurance: Go-to-Market Imperatives for 2021 Growth. The survey is designed to help carriers benchmark their level of importance and effectiveness of these key areas as they relate to account manager roles, sales operations, new accounts, sales models and more.

”The reluctance to switch carriers is subsiding as employers are looking at healthcare options that better fit the COVID-era needs for employees,” stated Marc Metzner, vice president of Alexander Group. “The traditional workplace has changed due to the pandemic, and insurance buyers are focused on evaluating their current healthcare plans as they relate to these five imperatives.”

Work From Home Packages

As more employees work remotely, employers need services that help employees connect with their coverage from home. This includes mail-managed prescriptions and access to at-home diagnostic kits as employees avoid visiting healthcare and pharmacy facilities. Employers also want robust access to COVID-specific tools like in-home test kits and remote symptom tracking.

Case Management

Employers note that it is harder to assess the mental and physical health of their workforce remotely, highlighting a need for case management assistance from insurance providers. Due to isolation, many employee conditions escalated during the pandemic, and employers felt the case management tools provided to assist in a remote environment were insufficient to serve employee needs.

Self-insured customers recognize that medical conditions may have gone undiagnosed, and many medical procedures were delayed because of the pandemic. Heading into 2021, employers expect a steep rebound which will cause an upsurge in claims. Customers are looking for a consultation partner in their insurance providers as they contemplate whether staying self-insured is the best course of action in the upswing.

 Wellness Programs

Employees who work from home are experiencing isolation, disrupting regular healthy habits. Employers are looking for high-tech wellness programs that can be accessed at home, with participation metrics to build better health and a sense of community.

Cutting-Edge Features

Employers say they want value-added benefits to insurance offerings that will impress data-driven employees. Solutions include fitness wearable integrations, in-home speaker app integration and better access to information including plan updates and drug shipping time status indicators.

Interested health insurers can participate in Alexander Group’s Health Insurance: Go-to-Market Imperatives for 2021 Growth Survey by visiting Alexander Group’s website. Respondents will receive a customized findings report and receive early access to Alexander Group’s health insurance sales strategy research which will begin in early 2021. Interested parties can access the survey on Alexander Group’s website.

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