2018 Chief Sales Executive Forums: Rise of the Revenue Leader

By: Gary Tubridy Chief Sales Executive Events, Revenue Growth Strategy, Sales Leadership

Today’s buyers are highly educated. They can easily manage their transactions online. They demand sellers who add value and mitigate risk. Today’s buyers value more than just a transaction. They value what the transaction enables them to achieve.

The traditional sales management challenge is no longer one of building an organization that is focused on making calls and closing deals. Today’s mission requires leadership across the entire buyer journey–before, during and after the sale. Marketing, sales and service must work seamlessly to leverage all the elements of the new revenue growth equation, including the prioritization of revenue segments, creation of powerful value propositions, customer targeting and coverage optimization.

This changing landscape presents new opportunities for executives able to recognize the evolving needs of their customers, assess the organization’s capability to meet those customer needs and adopt new sales tactics. Sales leaders must push beyond traditional boundaries and transform to revenue leadership. This transformation requires both cultural and organizational change to:

  • Orchestrate resources and strategy across all three function areas
  • Cultivate a fluid cycle of ideas, execution and learning
  • Harvest best practices and find new ways to deliver value

Revenue leaders partner with marketing to uncover customer needs and connect them with company capabilities, lead bold new coverage initiatives that integrate digital technology and help the service function become a success engine that delivers customer results.

This unprecedented transformation of sales leadership informed the 2018 Chief Sales Executive Forum theme: Rise of the Revenue Leader.

Alexander Group’s 2018 Chief Sales Executive Forums bring together two events that are the best sources for new ideas, strategies, insights and tactics to help executives take charge of 2019 revenue growth.The Operations Forum on June 4-5 in Chicago explores how sales and commercial operations equip the sales function, broaden their influence and take charge of the revenue growth mandate. This year’s agenda features keynote presentations, executive panels and interactive roundtable discussions focused on how today’s world-class sales operations teams are actively contributing to the revenue growth equation.

The Annual Forum on November 7-9 in Naples, FL explores why sales leadership decisions have become more critical than ever. The pressure to grow, manage costs, stay ahead of the competition and navigate technological upheaval is accelerating like never before. Industry leaders will showcase new ideas and practical takeaways on how revenue leaders can influence, even lead the charge for revenue growth in their organization.

Read more about the 2018 CSE Forum Series and join hundreds of other revenue-focused executives at these exclusive events. Make 2018 the year you rise to the challenge and become tomorrow’s revenue leader, today.

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Gary Tubridy

Gary Tubridy is a senior vice president of the Alexander Group and the general manager in charge of the firm’s management consulting business. Gary’s consulting work is focused on increasing marketing and sales effectiveness with particular emphasis in technology and medical products industries. Gary has deep expertise in diagnosing sales management issues and helping clients execute action plans to improve results. His research is focused on best practices of leading sales organizations in North America with particular emphasis on sales force transformation and the role of sales leadership. He leads the Alexander Group executive events series and hosts the Operations and Executive Forums. He is one of three founding stockholders of the Alexander Group.

Gary has been with the Alexander Group for over 35 years. Prior to that, Gary was in sales with the IBM Corporation. Gary holds a B.A. from Brown University and an MBA from the Graduate School of Business at Columbia University.