Align Sales, Marketing and Service to Power Revenue Growth

By: Gary Tubridy Chief Sales Executive Events, Sales Leadership

cse2016_annualforumlogo-250x291At this year’s 2016 Chief Sales Executive Forum, the Alexander Group (AGI) will explore how today’s customers demand customized value and the steps companies take to meet or exceed these rising expectations. One emerging strategy is clear: companies are working hard to better align sales and marketing resources.

In a series of Summits with senior executives, AGI uncovered six areas of key interest to executives. Sales leaders seek to drive marketing, sales and service towards a systematic collaboration while recognizing the need to deliver both enhanced and nuanced capability to increasingly sophisticated customers.

  1. Segmentation: Sales and marketing are collaborating to enrich segmentation criteria by considering what drives buyer decision-making. Most buyers fall into three categories: Price, Product and Solution.
  2. Calibrated customer coverage: Marketing, sales and service leaders are calibrating how their respective functions support one another to cover customers and grow revenue within Price, Product and Solution.
  3. Calibrated sales motion: Sales organizations have to meet the needs of multiple types of buyers (sometimes within the same account) by delivering the right sales motion (Self-serve, Fulfill, Teach and Solve).
  4. Field marketing: Some companies are shifting marketing resources to the field, working side by side with sales to pursue a common goal: revenue growth.
  5. Service plus: Many organizations are integrating service into elements of customer coverage (configure, implement, maintain and learn), often side by side with sales—and sometimes marketing.
  6. Customer-centric leadership: Sales organizations typically gather insights from customer interactions, field input and customer surveys. Executive leaders need to ensure that what is important to a customer transmits down through an organization and eventually out to customers. It is a mind-set that says everything not connected with the customer is just overhead.

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For more insight into what companies are doing to deliver more value to increasingly demanding customers through improved marketing, sales and service alignment, join us at the 2016 Chief Sales Executive Forum. Executives from Cisco, Forbes Media, Andersen, Medtronic, Lenovo and many more will share what is working at their organizations…while testing your ideas and thinking.

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Gary Tubridy

Gary Tubridy is a senior vice president of the Alexander Group and the general manager in charge of the firm’s management consulting business. Gary’s consulting work is focused on increasing marketing and sales effectiveness with particular emphasis in technology and medical products industries. Gary has deep expertise in diagnosing sales management issues and helping clients execute action plans to improve results. His research is focused on best practices of leading sales organizations in North America with particular emphasis on sales force transformation and the role of sales leadership. He leads the Alexander Group executive events series and hosts the Operations and Executive Forums. He is one of three founding stockholders of the Alexander Group.

Gary has been with the Alexander Group for over 35 years. Prior to that, Gary was in sales with the IBM Corporation. Gary holds a B.A. from Brown University and an MBA from the Graduate School of Business at Columbia University.