Delivering superior value in an era of rising client expectations

By: Gary Tubridy Chief Sales Executive Events

At the 2015 Chief Sales Executive Forum, keynote speaker Katharyn White, Global Sales and GTM Leader – Apple Partnership at IBM, shared her knowledge of improving the customer experience and the challenges IBM faced with the Apple partnership.

Some highlights:

  • The Challenge Is to Start – There is a functional shift in buyer decision-making that defines where you need to start. Your company should consider the customers and the simplicity of a product or service and merge it with the sellers’ knowledge and the analytical data to create the most successful client experience engagement.
  • Experience Becomes Expectation – In delivering any product or service, you should make it simple for your customer. Consider the ease of capability, and don’t make your customers feel like they need training to use/do something. Use industry experts, engage your sellers and look at different successful industries to boost the experience better, faster and with customers at the focus.
  • Collective Intelligence – You must address the data that exists today to survive and grow in your company. You can also use this data to improve your business model and to engage customers and their experience.

With 70 percent of Fortune 1000 companies from 2004 no longer in existence today, your company must take client expectations into every facet of your business. Katharyn and her team are successfully growing the IBM and Apple partnership by “changing the game at the speed of expectation.”

The illustration below from graphic recorder Kelly Kingman illustrates Katharyn’s presentation. Enjoy!

We look forward to sharing more graphic recordings of more keynote presentations from the 2015 CSE Forum in the coming weeks.

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