EMEA Manufacturers: Does Your Sales Model Align to Today’s Buyer?

By: Jameson Riley International, Manufacturing, Revenue Growth Strategy

The Alexander Group believes that the manufacturing industry stands at a crossroads in Europe. Technology trends are impacting the industry globally; driving change in customer behaviors and demands; and unleashing new innovations in material, product, IOT and the intersection of selling services. These trends influence every aspect of the value chain from suppliers to buyers. Meanwhile, the struggle to maintain margin in a complex world of partners and customers continues. Some challenges uniquely affect European companies and divisions that have an increased need for smaller, localized partners; experience more issues with cross-border operations; and face greater barriers to organize around customers.

No simple solutions to these issues exist. The commercial organizations of European manufacturing companies must answer several questions at the foundation of their commercial model strategy and structure. How do we approach portfolio selling? What are the best means for selling new innovative products and solutions? How can we maximize sales ROI through channel partners and inside sales? To not react and prepare for the changing environment risks obsolescence.

The Alexander Group has commissioned a study to bring insights on many of these topics to top decision-makers in the European manufacturing industry. Leadership at participating organizations will receive:

Identification and importance of major industry trends–what are my peers in the industry considering as the most critical challenges in the future?

Revenue statistics–What strategies are organizations using to generate growth? How are they using channels to achieve this growth?

Sales organization and roles–how are comparable companies organizing themselves to meet increasingly complex environments?

Investment–what levels of resources do my competitors utilize in their commercial organizations?

Productivity–what should I expect from my sales teams?

Quotas and Compensation–how do companies measure and pay their industry sales teams?

Participants will receive a custom report with industry trends, best practices and benchmarks comparing their company to the industry. Participants also receive a readout from Alexander Group consultants with deep knowledge of commercial models in the manufacturing space.

Join the Alexander Group’s EMEA Manufacturing Sales Practices Study for critical industry insights and practical information to support your decision-making to evolve your commercial organization in the coming years.

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Jameson Riley

Jameson Riley is a director with the Alexander Group and co-leader of the European practice with responsibility for EMEA client account management and project work. He has led a variety of project types including segmentation, coverage, job design, sales compensation, and large transformation projects with implementation elements across the globe. Jameson’s work spans across sectors with a particular focus in technology and manufacturing. Most recently, Jameson has worked in the United Kingdom supporting European clients on revenue growth and management issues with global and local European impact.

Prior to joining the Alexander Group, Jameson worked as an associate and senior associate at Bain & Company, where he worked on a variety of projects including due diligence, organizational effectiveness, growth strategy and resource allocation. These clients represented multiple industries including, consumer goods, retailing, financial services and logistics. Jameson holds an MBA from the Said Business School at Oxford University in the United Kingdom and a B.B.A. from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University.