New Manufacturing Study Examines Impacts of Evolving Customer Needs

By: Davis Giedt Manufacturing, Revenue Growth Strategy

The rapidly evolving needs of customers are influencing all stages of the manufacturing sales process. To achieve global excellence, manufacturing revenue leaders are analyzing their current sales strategy and employing improved, center-led models, in which they instill best practices across regions to better manage the needs of global customers.

To be successful in their pursuit of improved global sales strategy, revenue leaders strive to stay informed about the latest global sales practices.They seek industry-specific research, benchmarks and best practices to more clearly understand the global trends affecting manufacturers today, and to see how they compare to peers. They want to improve buyer segmentation, omni-channel optimization and sales coverage, talent development and sales compensation.

Alexander Group’s newly launched 2018 Global Manufacturing Sales Practices Study provides actionable insights for manufacturers looking to address these topics and more. Study participants will receive a customized report that covers:

  1. Major Industry Trends: What do my peers in the industry consider the most critical challenges to their sales organizations?
    -Topics include employing a more customer-oriented sales strategy, responding to impacts of digitization, professionalizing sales operations and driving a strong pay for performance culture.
  2. Productivity and Efficiency: What should I expect from my sales teams?
    -Benchmarks include Revenue per Seller and Expense/Revenue, Revenue Growth Rate, Revenue from New Products and Revenue from New Customers
  3. Sales Organization and Roles: How are comparable companies organizing themselves to succeed in increasingly complex selling environments?
    -Benchmarks include headcount ratios of sellers to product specialists, pre-sales technicians and sales operations personnel
  4. Quotas and Compensation: How do comparable companies measure and pay their sales teams?
    -Benchmarks include Target Total Compensation and Target Pay Mix by role

As a participant, you will receive an individualized report with industry trends, best practices and benchmarks comparing your company’s summarized data findings to the industry.

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Co-author: Parker James Thomas is a business analyst in Alexander Group’s Atlanta office.

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Davis Giedt

Davis Giedt is a manager in the Atlanta office and leads the Sales Analytics and Benchmarking practice. His team provides analytics and benchmarking insights across many of the firm’s projects and initiatives. Davis focuses on sales investment (revenue & cost) analysis, sales and support role optimization, incentive compensation and cloud/software sales management trends.

Prior to joining the Alexander Group, Davis worked as a consultant at FTI Consulting, a global firm specializing in forensic technology and financial analytics. At FTI, he specialized in analyzing transactional data from government agencies and Fortune 500 companies in support of class-action litigation. Davis has a B.A. from the University of Southern California.

Parker James Thomas

Parker James Thomas is a business analyst in the Chicago office. Parker is part of the Sales Analytics and Benchmarking team that provides analytics and benchmarking insights across many of the firm’s projects and initiatives. He conducts data analysis, applies Alexander Group methodologies and participates in client interviews and related fact-finding initiatives to provide recommendations to clients.

Prior to joining the Alexander Group, Parker worked with Mu Sigma, a leading provider of analytics and decision sciences solutions to Fortune 500 companies. After a six-month training program in India, he served as a client services representative onsite at a top global consumer goods company. His work with the revenue growth management team focused on pricing and promotional strategy and sales team enablement. He has a B.A. from the University of Chicago.