Medical Device Revenue Growth Strategy: Start off 2017 on the Right Foot

By: Craig Ackerman Medical Device, Revenue Growth Strategy, Sales Strategy

In the medical industry, it is important to start the new year with an effective strategy to keep up with this ever-transforming environment. The experts at the Alexander Group (AGI) assist companies with planning this strategy by using the Revenue Growth Model™. To stay ahead of the competition in the medical industry, sales and marketing teams must deliver value in a way that will differentiate their products and services while delivering profitable revenue growth.

Many companies have success in this area through networking with other executives, seeking revenue advice from experts and implementing the tools provided by Alexander Group practice leaders. Platforms to obtain these tools include:

Growth depends on targeting the right customers with the right value, presenting it both expertly and efficiently and delivering the promised results. That is the theme for the Alexander Group’s 2017 Chief Sales Executive Forum Series: The Go-To-Customer Mandate: Align Resources. Unlock Revenue. This series contains three separate events which will explore how the world’s leading sales organizations are addressing this mandate by aligning resources to unlock revenue.

The Alexander Group Medical Device Sales & Marketing Network is a members-only LinkedIn group where revenue-focused medical sales executives can share best practices, challenges and leading trends. Alexander Group practice leaders facilitate the discussions, answer questions and provide insight into how a sales organization must adapt to meet revenue growth challenges in this rapidly changing industry.

Alexander Group Medical Device practice leaders, Craig Ackerman and Mike Miller, are experts in aligning resources and positioning organizations for greater success. AGI’s history of client success has proven that revenue growth through sales excellence is possible. Organizations expect Medical Device executives to deliver revenue growth in a complex and changing sales environment. AGI’s practice leaders possess the data, insights and solutions to upgrade a company’s sales strategy for revenue growth.

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Craig Ackerman

Craig Ackerman is a principal in the Atlanta office and the leader of the firm’s Medical Device practice. Areas of focus in his consulting work include market segmentation, customer coverage models, sales process effectiveness, sales job design, quota setting and incentive compensation design. Craig works with sales organizations to develop actionable go-to-market strategies across many industries, including medical devices, biotechnology, financial services and high technology.

Prior to joining the Alexander Group, Craig held leadership positions in sales and marketing with major telecommunication and distribution companies, and as a management consultant with a Big 5 firm. Craig has extensive expertise in business process improvement, operational support systems and customer acquisition strategies. Craig has a B.S. from Florida International University and an MBA from the Goizueta School of Business at Emory University.