Performance Management Program

Performance Management Is Key to Retaining Top Talent

Get the Most Out of Your Talent Management Strategy

People managers play a crucial role in your commercial organization by managing existing business, growing new business, developing team members, satisfying customers and completing daily management demands. They are critical to driving high performance within teams and, by extension, the business.

Managers require documented and detailed performance management expectations that drive the effective execution of the strategy set forth by the leadership. We help you think through the ideal cadence for managers that will enable them to balance coaching their teams, managing the daily business and being a strategic thought leader.

We work with you to develop values and guiding behaviors, then build out the detailed activities, tools and timing needed to complete behaviors essential to performance management. Disciplined implementation is critical for successful revenue growth while setting the stage to retain top talent.

Develop Talent, Improve Outcomes

As businesses grow, so do their teams. Unfortunately, management programs can support or detract from organizational effectiveness because of outdated performance objectives.

Alexander Group often finds these programs were designed during different times with varying degrees of corporate and business unit alignment, sometimes creating conflicting policies and messaging to the employees.

Management and training programs are most effective when organizationally aligned and tuned to your overall strategy and job roles. Four key elements are essential for your performance management program to empower your talent leaders to drive consistency, efficiency and effectiveness throughout your business:

  1. Focus: Alexander Group will work with you to build manager execution playbooks, a tool that documents expected leadership behavior and enables managers to achieve results.
  2. Coaching: We examine your ongoing support, coaching and performance review activities and work with you to develop a coaching program that pushes managers to meet individual needs and career goals.
  3. Teaching: We work with you to review your onboarding and training programs and identify gaps to build more effective programs for managers and their teams.
  4. Measuring: We help define and design your KPIs and metrics dashboard that allows you to track the effectiveness of your performance management program.

With a proper performance management program, your talent leaders can better motivate their team members to push themselves and reach their highest potential, provide equitable leadership and mentorship opportunities for all team members, and lead and develop coaching and development initiatives across teams and business units.

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