About Alexander Group

30+ years of experience growing revenue for global companies

The Alexander Group provides sales management consulting services to the world’s leading sales organizations. When clients need to drive sales ROI and improve revenue, they look to the Alexander Group for data-driven insights, actionable recommendations, and most importantly, results.

The sales experts

Founded in 1985, we’ve served more than 1000 companies around the world and across all industries. This experience gives us not only a highly sophisticated set of best practices to grow sales — we also have a rich repository of industry data that informs all our recommendations.

Smart sales organizations understand the intricacies and dependencies of the sales force — everything from how sales teams are compensated to how individual sales people perform their jobs can affect the bottom line. That’s why sales leaders turn to the Alexander Group for help navigating those complexities toward their growth goals, from big-picture strategy to hands-on execution.

Proven methodology

We apply years of experience and our proven methodology for evaluating sales organizations to provide insights that are rooted in facts. We not only deliver insights — we understand sales and marketing business challenges. We roll up our sleeves to work alongside our clients, whether they are slightly realigning their sales coverage model or radically overhauling their sales force. Beyond that, our keen focus on measurement ensures that we deliver value to our clients. And results.

Facts, insights, implementation and results

Across all practice areas, every recommendation we make is supported by a rigorous analysis of the relevant data, ranging from historical results to sales force attitudes and behaviors. Working from the facts, we provide more than just advice — we craft actionable, measurable recommendations for improvement.

We then work with our clients to develop sales solutions they can not only champion, but also implement successfully. Delivering on time and on budget is a commitment we take seriously.

Even the best recommendations can fail without continued focus on the end result. That’s why the sales and marketing solutions we recommend are specific, detailed, ready to implement and designed to deliver ROI. Simply: our sales consulting services help our clients grow revenue by providing them with a roadmap to achieve the results they need, at a cost they can afford.