Our clients include leading companies from industries such as Health Insurance, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Media Sales, Medical Sales, Pharmaceutical, Private Equity, Technology and many more.

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“I was very impressed with AGI and their guidance on restructuring our sales team and process. Their knowledge and the quality of work was excellent. As a result, we have been able to restructure our sales process very quickly. I have already recommended AGI to several colleagues and financial consultants, and look forward to seeing the impact of their exceptional work.” –  Judy Turner Hamerschlag, Chief Financial Officer, BrainPOP

“Based on AGI’s recommendations, a more streamlined organization was created to grow revenue and better align Research Now sales and support resources to ensure the success of Research Now’s 3,000 clients. The combination of our new selling organization with newly introduced products and integrated data solutions enables us to innovate on behalf of our clients, and ultimately, grow revenue.” – Greg Ellis, Executive Vice President, Americas Sales & Business Development, Research Now

“AGI has been a valued partner for Dexcom and has helped us in our ongoing efforts to continue to increase sales revenues.” – Laura Endres, National Sales Director, Dexcom

“Alexander Group helped us realize we were under-investing in sales. To grow, we needed to increase this investment and align sales with the rest of the organization.” – Ney Corsino, SVP Americas, President and CEO, Barco

“Rachel Parrinello and her team provided an incredibly balanced compensation plan for our company Simply Hired and its employees. I have worked with quite a few outside consultants over the past 20 years to help refine sales compensation plans and I have to say that the Alexander Group, and Rachel in particular, exceeded my expectations. I would strongly recommend their company for any compensation needs for your organization.” – Scott Sorochak, SVP Sales, Simply Hired

“You don’t change a sales organization overnight. Alexander Group has worked with Blue Coat through periods of explosive growth and more challenging business times. There is an advantage for us in this long term partnership as Alexander Group’s knowledge and expertise helps us grow, and building on the success of subsequent engagements allows us to focus on continuous improvement as our sales organization grows and matures.”  – Kevin Biggs, SVP WW Sales, Blue Coat Systems

“Alexander Group has deep functional expertise across all aspects of sales and their consultants have strong backgrounds, credentials and interpersonal style. They know how to work with a sales organization and are in touch with key issues.” – Michael Orrick, SVP & GM, Governance Risk & Compliance, Thomson Reuters

“Working with Alexander Group provides external validation on our business processes and sales strategy. We gain credibility in being able to make fact-based recommendations to our executive team on things that are notionally known.” – Phill Miner, Vice President, Sales Strategy and Operations, Symantec Corporation