Alexander Group’s International Practice

An international approach to revenue growth strategy

I'm ready for revenue growthThe Alexander Group has decades of experience helping companies with international operations ensure that their revenue growth strategy is optimized for the challenging global marketplace.

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Market differences can have a big impact on revenue growth, and require unique routes to market and sales force deployment models. To succeed, you have to balance global and local strategy and management practices.

Common Challenges

Alexander Group’s international clients face common issues in establishing their revenue growth strategy. They need to:

  • Determine which aspects of sales strategy and planning are best executed on a centralized basis versus assigning local resources
  • Decide what role channels such as partners and inside sales can play in driving revenue growth
  • Deal with higher cost of sales due to increased social costs in many countries
  • Accommodate disparate maturation of business units between countries

Our international clients include multi-national companies that work across the globe as well as local or regional firms in the UK or continental Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

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We consider individual client needs to assess, design and implement the most effective revenue growth model, ensuring that the right resources are delivering the right products and services in the most efficient way possible. We get to know local customs, and whenever possible, we speak your language.

Alexander Group’s international practice combines insights gathered from client work, research and studies with objective market analysis and benchmarks from our global sales analytics database to put our international clients on the path to profitable revenue growth. Contact us today!

“Alexander Group helped us realize we were under-investing in sales. To grow, we needed to increase this investment and align sales with the rest of the organization.” – Ney Corsino, SVP Americas, President and CEO, Barco, Inc.

“As a result of our work with Alexander Group, we are targeting to increase our sales productivity by 25% in two years.” – Andres Errazuriz, VP, Business & Commercial Strategy, SURA