Research Yields Contemporary Insights

Our research will help you answer questions and solve problems

At Alexander Group, we support our primary consulting engagements with extensive research that continually enhances our consulting methodologies.

It becomes easier to accept risk and initiate change when you have credible benchmarks available. Research you can trust – with the type of data that leads to actionable insight. We base our opinions on information. Some of this is derived from our general project data – the thousands of distinct data points on sales utilization and effectiveness that feed our benchmarking database and keep our knowledge current.

Additionally, each year we conduct multiple surveys that increase our collective knowledge on sales effectiveness and best practices. Survey topics range from general practice to industry and company specific issues and actions. 

General Surveys: These surveys are conducted annually, and provide top line observations. Participation is free, and offers you easy access to contemporary quantitative information on sales related insights, predictions and trends.

Our one-of-a-kind surveys include:

  • Sales Pulse Survey – The Sales Pulse Survey polls executives regarding trends and predictions for revenue growth in the coming year. See the preliminary findings from the 2018 survey, or 2017 findings.
  • Sales Compensation Trends Survey  – Sales Compensation Trends Survey gathers topical information on select sales compensation program practices. Our 2018 results are now available.
  • Sales Compensation Hot Topics Survey  – Sales Compensation Hot Topics Survey examines recent and popular topics regarding sales compensation.
  • Sales Compensation Practices Survey – Sales Compensation Practices Survey gathers and reports information on contemporary sales operations and strategy issues.btn-join-panel

Industry Specific Surveys: We typically conduct three to four targeted, industry-specific surveys per year. Results from these yield deeper insights into what drives sales effectiveness from an industry perspective. Participation is usually free, but there may be a cost for readouts that are tuned to your specific company situation.

    • Upsell and Cross-Sell Best Practices Study – This study provided technology leaders with insights on developing post-sale revenue models, aligning job roles, expanding support programs and implementing upsell and cross-sell sales compensation practices.
    • EMEA Manufacturing Sales Practices Study – This study included leading companies in the manufacturing industry and addresses key trends, best practices and sales benchmarks for commercial sales organizations in EMEA, with a particular focus on the UK, Germany and France.
    • Medical Device Go-To-Customer Study This study provided medical device leaders with insight on best practices and benchmarks to enable maximum return on sales investments.
    • Distributor Sales Strategy Study This study provided distributors with best practices and insights on increasing omni-channel investments, shifting towards an account manager model, centralizing sales management, and realigning sales compensation.

Company Specific Surveys: These custom surveys are sponsored by individual companies. The sponsoring company benefits from highly targeted data that focuses on specific issues, and other participants gain access to the aggregate data.