Alexander Group’s 2017 CSE Annual Forum


Your 2017 CSE Annual Forum Journey Starts Here

Day 1: The Primer: Insights, cross-industry executive perspectives, sales benchmarks and research across the Go-To-Customer Mandate—including a preview of Alexander Group’s 2018 Sales Pulse Survey findings.

Day 2: The Stories: Transformation stories and exciting customer programs from Fortune 1000 executives that bring the challenges, lessons learned and growth opportunities to life.

Day 3: The Takeaways: Implementable ideas, strategies and actions you can apply to your sales organization to impact 2018 revenue.

Day 1 — November 8th

10:00am-5:00pm Forum Registration
12:00-5:00pm Golf Tournament
8:30-11:00am Interactive Briefings
Consequential SALES Leadership
Explore the critical role of the sales executive as an agent of transformation in the era of the empowered customer. Gain practical insights for leading the transformation at your company.
Hallmarks of Today’s High Performance Sales Organizations
Learn where top sales organizations are investing time and funds to support growth ambitions in multiple revenue segments. Identify opportunities to align your sales, marketing and service resources to effectively unlock revenue potential.
Sales Operations & Sales Enablement: Defining the Partnership
Discover new ideas on what sales operations can do to sharpen skills, expand capabilities and increase the impact of sales organizations in line with the Go-To-Customer Mandate.
The Front Line Sales Manager As Field General: Turning Strategy Into Action
Alexander Group and Columbia Business School will offer insights from research on the changing role of the front line sales manager, increasingly critical in a customer-centric world. Learn about the tools and actions that will help FLSMs lead the transformation from selling things to delivering value.
11:30-1:45pm Lunch & Keynote
Driving New Customer Value
Many sales leaders count on transformation to solution selling to distance themselves from the competition. This is easier said than done. Joe will share his experience leading fundamental change needed to implement a winning go-to-customer strategy in a complex organization. Learn how Philips is now re-shaping culture, becoming solution-centric, developing talent and aligning internal processes with a focus on seamless care.This keynote address will be prefaced with a preview of early findings and growth strategies from Alexander Group’s 2018 Sales Pulse Survey. Hear a preview of Joe Robinson’s session in this podcast.
Joe Robinson, Senior Vice President, Health Systems Solutions – Philips North America
2:00-4:00pm Executive Panels
Reaching New Buyers
New buyers are emerging across industries. How do sales organizations identify, reach and influence buyers who care more about business impact than price? Explore how sales organizations are preparing and deploying the talent needed to both sell and deliver on the Go-To-Customer Mandate.
Harnessing the Digital Sales Phenomenon
Learn how other companies are harnessing digital sales to better serve customers, across segments—before, during and after the sale. This discussion will examine where digital sales is making an impact and how impact and how revenue leaders build, expand and transform digital sales organizations.
Leveraging Sales Enablement in the Go-To-Customer Era
This panel will examine actions companies take to build out a high-impact sales enablement capability. The discussion will emphasize the objectives, strategies, challenges, and outcomes of sales enablement and how they relate to sales operations.
Designing the Right Global Go-To-Customer Model
As companies grow and expand internationally, revenue leaders must make difficult choices to balance how much to adapt the go-to-customer model to local market dynamics while driving a globally consistent approach. Learn about trends and best practices to design and execute an effective global go-to-customer model.
5:30-6:30pm Keynote
Leading a Transformation of Consequence
Results-seeking customers are the largest and fastest growing revenue segment of many companies, and some revenue leaders are quick to seize this growth opportunity. Jim will share insights into how his team drives success for current customers and attracts new ones by leveraging traditional properties and creating new opportunities for digital engagement. Hear how the Condé Nast leadership team is aligning marketing and sales resources to package and deliver customer value. This session will help you chart a path to creating a results-centric salesforce in your company. Hear a preview of Jim Norton’s session in this podcast.
Jim Norton, Chief Business Officer & President of Revenue – Condé Nast
6:30-8:30pm Opening Night Reception

Day 2 — November 9th

7:00-8:00am Group Breakfast
8:00-8:50am Keynote
Unlocking Value By Listening to Customers
The mandate for sales in the era of empowered customers is both clear and critical: reach and influence new buyers, serve their interests and help them succeed. Learn how Cisco gains deeper insight into what their customers really need and how they deploy new game-changing capabilities to transform sales into a success engine.
Jim Walsh, Senior Vice President, Global Enterprise Sales – Cisco
8:50-9:40am Keynote
Building the Revenue Growth Engine
GE is transforming from an industrial to a digital industrial company. With a global digital sales transformation, GE has introduced a new revenue growth engine. Discover how GE transformed the sales organization with new digital technologies to improve win rates, enhance collaboration across division and functional boundaries and provide deeper insights to sellers to deliver better outcomes for customers.
Cate Gutowski, Vice President, Commercial Digital Thread – GE Digital
10:00-11:00am Focus Sessions (sessions repeat from 11:20am – 12:20pm – pick one in each time slot)
Hear how Schneider Electric pushed resources out of HQ and into the regions to create a more agile sales organization…better able to serve the needs of different customers in multiple revenue segments.
Susan Uthayakumar, Vice President, National Sales, U.S. & Canada – Schneider Electric
Session 2: Challenge Marketing and Sales to Make 1 + 1 = 3
No more silos. Hear how Lenovo Software created a sales and marketing ecosystem that encourages out-of-the-box thinking and over-the-top results.
Sal Patalano, Chief Revenue Officer – Lenovo Software
Session 3: Sales and Service Fusion
Discover how sales works with service to fuse high impact messages with post-implementation customer care to create customer success and loyalty.
To Be Announced Soon
Session 4: THE Explosive Impact of Digital Sales
Digital sales is transforming all industries, and BuzzFeed is one of the hottest internet companies focused on digital media and technology. Hear two key executive perspectives on how to get the most out of digital sales assets.
Lee Brown, Chief Revenue Officer – BuzzFeed
Dan Walsh, Vice President, Sales & Business Strategy – BuzzFeed
11:20-12:20pm Repeat of Focus Sessions (participate in a second session)
12:30-2:10pm Keynote Luncheon
Simply Brilliant: How Great Organizations Do Ordinary Things in Extraordinary Ways
In this high-energy session, Bill Taylor, an agenda-setting writer, speaker and entrepreneur will illustrate how to pinpoint opportunities for breakaway performance. Bill’s keynote will offer a set of messages and a collection of case studies about how to unleash breakthrough creativity and cutting-edge performance in even the most familiar, slow-to-change fields. He will hone in on specific wisdom from sales and marketing executives and provide additional insights that didn’t make it into the book. Hear a preview of Bill Taylor’s session in this podcast.
Bill Taylor, Best Selling Author and Founder of Fast Company Magazine
2:10-3:40pm Executive Roundtables (pick one session)
Facilitated by leading industry executives, these sessions will explore the new role for sales across the Go-To-Customer Mandate.
1. Delivering Customer Success
Explore the emergence of the service function as a full-fledged partner with marketing and sales.
Karla Burda, U.S. Customer Contact, Service & Solutions Leader – Merck

2. Building a Future Customer-Focused Business Ops Organization

Learn about Dell’s journey to a customer-focused business operations organization of the future and how predictive analytics and insights make it easier for Dell to do business.
Bobbi Dangerfield, SVP, Global Business Operations – Dell

3. Building Next-Generation Talent Equipped for the Modern Customer
Examine how companies build robust capability to deliver value through sales amidst tectonic change in technology, competition and customer expectations.
Judy Buchholz
, GM, Strategy & Solutions – IBM Global Markets
Jeff Cristee, Vice President, Worldwide Sales Training – Cisco
Kunal Mehta, Senior Director, Enablement & Education – Infoblox

4. Sales Operations Transforms Market Segments to Revenue Segments

Explore how sales operations builds the skills to find, size and target growth opportunity in underserved markets and customers.
Sue Shimoyama, Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing Operations – Rockwell Automation

5. The Emerging Revenue Leader
Discover how sales leaders productively interact with their colleagues in the C-suite to build a sustainable revenue growth engine.
To Be Announced Soon

4:00-4:50pm Keynote
A New Role for Sales Leadership in the Go-to-Customer Era
Customers are the source of value, and sales is responsible for deriving and delivering this value. Today’s sales organizations lead the impact game and are critical to strategy development and tactical execution. Discover how sales leadership at Varian transformed to do both and brought the rest of the organization along for the ride.
Chris Toth, President, Oncology Systems Americas – Varian Medical Systems
7:00-9:00pm Networking Reception

Day 3 — November 10th

8:00-9:00am Group Breakfast
9:00-10:50am Keynote Panel & Executive Think Tank
Courage to Change
The wrap up of the 2017 CSE Annual Forum will help you put the great ideas you have gathered into action with practical takeaways. This session will be delivered in three parts:

Part 1 – Speaker Insights: Featured executives from the media, medical, technology and manufacturing industries will describe some of their transformation challenges and the strategies they used to address them.

Part 2 – Fireside Chat: As part of a facilitated panel discussion, the speakers will share in-depth experiences and examples.

Part 3 – Executive Think Tank: Divided into groups by industry and interest, the audience will brainstorm change management issues and engage with the speakers in a Q&A session. Together we will examine the strategies and tools to build an organizational commitment to change that is essential to delivering on the Go-To-Customer Mandate.

Craig Sloan
, Executive Vice President – Fox Sports Media Group
Warren Stone, Senior Vice President, Research & Applied Solutions North America – MilliporeSigma
Paul Mountford, Chief Sales Officer & Senior Vice President – Riverbed Technology
Parthiv Amin, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer – Sloan Valve

10:50-11:00am Close of Conference