2018 CSE Annual Forum

November 7-9 | The Ritz-Carlton, Naples, FL


2018 Mission: Grow Revenue by Managing the Entire Buyer Journey

Customers are changing…in how they do business and in what they expect from their vendors/partners. And the pace of this change is accelerating.

The traditional sales management challenge is multiplied many times over:

  • Buyers are highly educated
  • They can easily manage their transactions online
  • They demand sellers who add value and mitigate risk

Sales leaders must push beyond traditional boundaries in 2018 while transforming into a revenue leader.

The Buyer Journey graphic

Revenue leaders:

  • Partner with marketing to uncover customer needs and connect them with company capabilities
  • Lead bold new coverage initiatives that start with customer needs and integrate digital technology to deliver efficiency and effectiveness
  • Transform the service function into a success engine that delivers results to customers, enables learning and feeds insight into the value creation engine

Alexander Group’s 2018 CSE Annual Forum will showcase new ideas, customer models and practical takeaways on how revenue leaders can influence and take charge of the revenue growth mandate.

How will you benefit?

  • Become adept at agile resource orchestration across functions.
  • Hear how other revenue leaders cultivate a fluid cycle of ideas, execution and learning.
  • Harvest best practices and find new ways to deliver value to customers in a volatile and informed world.

It’s time to rise to the challenge, drive the right
change at your company 
and become tomorrow’s
revenue leader — today.

The Ritz-Carlton, Naples, FL • November 7-9, 2018

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