2017 Chief Sales Executive Forum Series

Markets don't produce revenue. Customers do.

The job of sales is to connect customers with value that matters to them.

But today’s customers demand more from their vendors. Lower prices. Better products. Deeper insights. Improved results. Growth depends on targeting the right customers with the right value, presenting it both expertly and efficiently and delivering the promised results.

This is the go-to-customer mandate.

Alexander Group’s 2017 Chief Sales Executive Forum Series contains 3 separate events which will explore how the world’s leading sales organizations are addressing this mandate by aligning resources to unlock revenue.

Join hundreds of other revenue-focused executives at these exclusive events—you can’t afford not to.

“You will gain access to great ideas, strategies and case studies across various revenue and sales leadership challenges.”

Phil Macauley
VP of Commercial Strategy, Quantcast

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November 8-10

Monarch Beach Resort

Dana Point, CA


Alexander Group’s Annual Forum ties together the insights and learnings from the entire 2017 CSE Forum Series. Getting the go-to-customer mandate right is not easy. Revenue-focused leaders across the organization must:

  • Crystalize what customers really value
  • Target customers with value messages that are compelling to them
  • Build tools and resources to deliver the value
  • Balance effectiveness and efficiency to deliver value profitably
  • Help customers realize value by investing resource in their success

The Sales function MUST lead this effort. But sales cannot make this happen by leveraging traditional strengths. New capabilities must emerge. Deeper partnership with marketing and service must be secured. How can this be accomplished? How can sales leaders align all customer touching resources to unlock revenue potential and deliver the go-to-customer mandate?

Join us at the 2017 CSE Annual Forum at The Monarch Resort in Dana Beach, CA, November 8-10, 2017, to explore:

  • Why sales leadership decisions are more critical than ever
  • How sales and revenue leaders have introduced a new strategic role
  • Why companies are consolidating sales, marketing and service under the CRO
  • How revenue leaders interact with CEOs and COOs
  • How revenue leaders are building bridges with marketing and service