Success requires a new voice in the revenue equation – the emergence of the revenue leader.

As a sales leader, you are relentlessly squeezed to manage costs and pressured for greater returns. Technology is disrupting your operations as competitors snap at your heels. And in today’s interconnected digital world, these forces accelerate simultaneously.

It’s time for a new look at how to turn these forces to your advantage...through next-level revenue leadership.

Explore the path to success and your future legacy at the 2018 Chief Sales Executive Forums…Your one source for new ideas, strategies, insights, and tactics to help you take charge of revenue growth.

“You will gain access to great ideas, strategies and case studies across various revenue and sales leadership challenges.”

Phil Macauley
VP of Commercial Strategy, Quantcast

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Operations Forum

June 4-5

The Peninsula



The 2018 Chief Sales Executive Operations Forum explored how commercial and sales operations leaders are expanding their impact on revenue growth:

  • Translate strategy into action by finding and grouping buyers with “like” needs…and targeting them with the right resources
  • Align the sales organization to deliver customer value more efficiently and effectively
  • Develop compelling messages for each new/existing buyer group…leveraging internal expertise and teaming with marketing
  • Use data, predictive analytics and tailored insights to win deals and manage the critical buyer journey
  • Create innovative development and enablement programs that produce real-world results–across the field and other sales channels
  • Deliver processes and tools that increase/recoup sales time, improve productivity and reduce administration

The CSE Operations Forum featured keynote presentations, executive panels and interactive roundtable discussions focused on how today’s world-class sales operations teams are actively contributing to the revenue growth equation.

Annual Forum

November 7-9

The Ritz-Carlton

Naples, FL

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The pressure to grow, manage costs, stay ahead of the competition and navigate technological upheaval is accelerating like never before. What’s emerging is the need for a Revenue Leader. The 2018 Chief Sales Executive Annual Forum explores why sales leadership decisions have become more critical than ever.

It’s time to take the reins and lead the charge for revenue in your organization:

  • Understand the whole picture–marketing/sales/service–and design an integrated strategy
  • Orchestrate the roles in value delivery to drive adoption and expansion of customer relationships in a mutually beneficial way
  • Transform the buyer experience and go-to-customer model through digital sales
  • Build strategy and value around serving customers, not product manager needs
  • Influence product and solution investments that drive customer results
  • Create a learning organization that gains insight from customers and sellers alike

Real world examples and data-driven insights will help you establish and take advantage of this critical expanded role.

At the CSE Annual Forum you’ll have an unparalleled opportunity to explore the path to success in your own organization and your future legacy.