2018 Digital Leadership Summits

Boston, Chicago and London

Finish 2018 Strong and Get Ready for 2019 at a Digital Leadership Summit

An in-depth exploration of how digital engagement and enablement are redefining sales, marketing and service.

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A convergence of market forces, including outcome-centric customer expectations, new technology capabilities, unprecedented data availability and accelerating competitive threats is driving an unprecedented digital revolution across commercial organizations.

Join us at both an AGI Digital Summit AND the Annual CSE Forum to validate your ideas, network across industries, gain momentum and lead with inspiration. You’ll be better prepared for 2019. Download the Digital Summit brochure.

Is Your Organization Ready?

Sales, marketing and service must work seamlessly across the entire buyer journey: from awareness, through assessment and adoption. This is the new revenue mandate, where success requires the execution of three digital plays:

Those who embrace the challenge are experiencing a step change in their routes to customer, including deeper relationships, more productive revenue teams and higher growth rates.

Connect With Other Leading Sales Leaders to Discuss:

  1. How is today’s digital transformation different from other market shifts?
  2. How do the three digital plays differ in impact and challenge?
  3. What are the external and internal strategic implications of each play–prioritization, investment, organizational change, role of sales leadership?
  4. What are tactical implications of each digital play–timing, resources, success factors?
  5. What is the call to action and path forward?



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Annual Forum: November 7-9 | Ritz-Carlton, Naples, FL

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