Annual Forum Speakers

Executive Panelist: Joanna Trimble

Joanna Trimble

VP, Corporate Sales Channel
Thomas Reuters

Women in Sales Leadership Panelist

Joanna Trimble joined Thomson Reuters in 2013, with the acquisition of Practical Law. Prior to the acquisition, Joanna was Vice President of Sales for the Law Department teams at Practical Law.  In her current role, Joanna oversees all sales and client management functions in the corporate segment of the Legal Business at Thomson Reuters.

While at Practical Law Joanna played a key role building a team that has been instrumental in the rapid growth of the business, creating a lead generation channel and driving demand in a market where the company had no previous brand recognition.

Joanna’s participation in hiring and developing such a talented and motivated team at Practical Law has given her the ability to hone both her skills and philosophy. She strongly believes that central to growth is a culture which focuses on bringing out the best in each person. This is accomplished by valuing talents, working on development areas, and expecting excellence.

Prior to joining Thomson Reuters/Practical Law, Joanna worked 17 years in the legal division at Reed Elsevier, where she held numerous leadership roles in direct sales, account management, and strategy.