Annual Forum Speakers

Executive Panelist: Josh Gitlin

Josh Gitlin

GM, Gladiator Brand

2017 Sales Growth Forecast Readout & Panel Discussion

jgitlin-100x100Josh Gitlin is the General Manager of the Gladiator division at  Whirlpool Corporation. Gladiator is the leader in premium storage and organization solutions for the garage and other parts of the home and workplace.

Gitlin has built a track record for leading and growing new and mature businesses, as well as bringing broad sales, marketing, P&L and innovation experience to  B2B and B2C opportunities.  Early in his career, Gitlin created  Whirlpool’s sales leadership program, “Real Whirled”, recognized as one of the top new hire sales training programs in the country. Leveraging years of working with trade customers on experience design, Gitlin led the development a global brand experience center in Chicago, known as  the “World of Whirlpool”, widely recognized as one of the best B2B persuasion environments.

Gitlin has helped Whirlpool build sales, distribution, brand and customer care strategies, organizations and capabilities. His experience stretched from leading a startup that became one of America’s largest cooking schools to leading most of the operations functions for a multi-billion dollar appliance sales organization. Several years ago he gained organization commitment to implement the “Whirlpool Selling Way”, taking sales rep individual know-how and creating an insights-driven, codified best practice approach. Selling went through value and time-based evaluations, new processes became embedded and enabled by technology and the outcome was a new more productive selling process that delivered improved execution, coaching focus and improved results.

More recently Gitlin has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and on Fox Business News regarding the turnaround story with Gladiator. Distribution was a linchpin of the turnaround, supported by investments in brand awareness building, e-commerce leadership  and product innovation.

Mr. Gitlin is a native of Brooklyn, New York and now resides in Stevensville, Michigan. He graduated from the University of North Carolina, majoring in Business and Literature. Gitlin then completed his MBA at Indiana University-Bloomington. Prior to working for Whirlpool Corporation, Mr. Gitlin worked for The New York Times, Federal Express and Glaxo. Mr. Gitlin has been an advisor  to TED Conferences (and staged one of the first TEDx events), Lakeshore Excellence Foundation Trustee, President of the Curious Kids’ Museum, Co-founder of the Sapling Foundation and recently was an elected delegate to one of the national political conventions.