Annual Forum Speakers

Roundtable Facilitator: Carol Sustala

Carol Sustala

Executive Director, Sales Enablement
TriNet Corporation

Hire to Retire: Get the Most from Your Talent by Keeping It Longer

CarolSustala-100x100Carol Sustala is the Executive Director, Sales Enablement, reporting to the Senior Vice President of Sales for TriNet Corporation.  She is responsible for implementing enablement strategies that will support TriNet’s growth and verticalization strategy, with a key focus on improving sales quality and effectiveness, scaling the sales training model and equipping the sales organization with the tools necessary for success.

Carol brings 25 years of Sales and Customer Satisfaction industry experience to the role, with a strong background in managing sales, operations, and enablement teams.  Prior to TriNet, Sustala was the VP, Global Sales Operations for P2 Energy Solutions, a provider of upstream oil and gas software, asset and lifecycle management solutions.  Carol also previously served as the Senior Director, Global Sales Enablement for Symantec including Veritas, where she maximized sales deliverables by implementing world-class training content, tools, and processes across the worldwide sales organization.  Sustala attributes her success and unique approach to enabling Sales to the sales expertise she gained carrying a bag herself as a Sr. Strategic Account Executive at both Symantec and

Carol has a proven track record as a strong sales effectiveness and quality leader with C-Level alignment and sponsorship, and an ability to affect change with documented results.