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Roundtable Facilitator: Dr. Reed Holden

Dr. Reed Holden

Founder and Coach
Holden Advisor

Selling Value & Delivering Success Takes the Pressure off Price & Discounts


Dr. Reed K. Holden (Concord, MA), Author, Coach and Founder of Holden Advisors, is a world-class value-based pricing expert who helps clients build go-to-market strategies to drive price leadership, selling backbone and profitable growth. Dr. Holden specializes in helping sales organizations avoid the Procurement Buzz SawSM by implementing value strategies to recognize and counter margin-reducing buying tactics. As a change agent, he works with major corporations throughout the world to manage with an outside-in view of the customer. He is an enthusiastic and persuasive advocate for demonstrating customer value and price leadership with companies that need to adapt in highly competitive markets.

Dr. Holden published Negotiating with Backbone: Eight Sales Strategies to Defend Your Price and Value, with a new second edition due in October 2015.

In 2008, with co-author Mark Burton, he published: Pricing with Confidence: Ten Ways to Stop Leaving Money on the Table, a top selling pricing book for the executives. He also co-wrote The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing 2nd and 3rd editions during his tenure as CEO of Strategic Pricing Group (now Monitor-Deloitte). Other articles have appeared in Harvard Business Review, Marketing Management, The Journal of Business Strategy, The Journal of Managerial Issues, The Conference Board Review, The Journal of Professional Pricing, Sales and Marketing Management, CFO Magazine, AMA’s Marketing Power Best Practices and Capco’s Journal of Transformation Pricing Edition.

A dynamic and engaging presenter with over 20 years of experience, Dr. Holden is a regular speaker and keynote at executive off-sites and annual sales meetings for Fortune 1000 companies. He is engaged to facilitate negotiation, customer value and pricing workshops; and coaches salespeople and senior executives in companies that want to achieve valuable relationships with their customers. Additionally, he speaks at industry associations and conferences such as Chief Sales Executive Forum, Professional Pricing Society (PPS), SAP Sapphire, CIO Decisions, and the Strategic Account Management Association.