Annual Forum Speakers

Roundtable Facilitator: Norm Happ

Norm Happ

Chief Revenue Officer
Recent VP of Go-to-Market, Intuit

Roundtable Facilitator: How Inside Sales Unlocks the Door to Multiple Sales Motions & Greater Value

Norm has a background as a global sales leader in the financial and technology sectors and has expertly leveraged innovation and entrepreneurial success while working alongside several Fortune 500 organizations. Currently Norm is Chief Revenue Officer of the largest residential and commercial marketplace in the world,  Previously he was Vice President of Go-To-Market at Intuit overseeing sales, marketing and business development. During his tenure at Intuit, he also served as Vice President of Sales across the Small Business Division and previously led Sales Operations and Channel Marketing. Prior to joining Intuit, Norman was Vice President of Inside Sales at H&R Block, which he joined in 2002 as the chief of staff for the CEO. He also spent several years at numerous tech-based firms, including computer software solutions company Anachron from 1999 to 2002 as co-founder and Vice President. He is a member of and an investor in Sand Hill Angels, an investing and advising group dedicated to the formation and growth of technology startup companies.  Norm holds a patent in “Adaptive Subscriber Retention Based On Forecasted Retention Value of Paying Subscribers” and contributed to bestseller The Risk Factor: Why Every Organization Needs Big Bets, Bold Characters, and the Occasional Spectacular Failure. Palgrave Macmillan Trade.