Annual Forum Speakers

Sales Ops/Enablement Focused Track

The Changing Customer Contract - A New Role for Sales

Improving sales productivity…it is a critical issue. To address this, sales enablement functions are now emerging to help drive seller effectiveness, increase revenue performance and meet the needs of more demanding customers.


SITUATION: No two sales enablement groups look the same…making it difficult to know what to expect from this function and to identify best practices.

SOLUTION: The Alexander Group has an agenda track dedicated to clarifying this topic and emerging role at the Chief Sales Executive Forum, November 16-18.

Designed to help revenue leaders learn more about what they should expect from their sales enablement functions, this track provides examples of groundbreaking work in other companies.

Best Practices Leadership Group: Join the newly formed “Sales Enablement Society,” an invitation-only group of current practitioners and leaders dedicated to the advancement of the profession after the Forum.

Featured Speaker:

CarolSustala-WEBHire to Retire
Get the Most Out of Your Talent by Keeping It Longer
Carol Sustala — Executive Director of Sales Enablement, Trinet

Carol will build upon the insights from the prior Morning Briefing. She’ll share Trinet’s transformation to a high-performing organization in less than one year across such areas as: high turnover, low morale, inconsistent participation from frontline sales managers, and long ramp-up times for new hires. How? By following the Hire to Retire framework, Carol created a sales enablement function that integrated a number of disparate functions, and partnered with leadership to create a powerful onboarding, development and sales coaching program.

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Who Should Attend?

Revenue-focused executives from organizations with at least $200M in annual revenue and a sales force size of 200 or more, in roles that include:

  • VP’s of Sales Ops with enablement responsibility
  • Sales Enablement leaders (VP’s or Directors) VP’s should consider bringing their teams
  • VP’s of Sales Training
  • HR Executive Supporting Sales
  • Field Marketers (VP’s or Directors)


  • Hear what challenges VP’s of Sales are Facing so you can support them better
  • Discuss ideas with your peers in many planned networking sessions for sales enablement leaders only
  • Learn some amazing ideas from about how to elevate sales enablement by address sales talent holistically and over a life cycles (Hire to Retire)
  • Join an interactive roundtable to learn from someone who has transformed sales enablement by implementing the hire to retire vision (Carol Sustala – Executive Director of Sales Enablement, TriNet)
  • Participate in the first ever national meeting of the Sales Enablement Society immediately after the event