We’re proud of the history of the Annual Operations Forum – which continues to sell out early each year.

As operations leader’s roles continue to evolve, the Alexander Group will remain on the forefront of change…delivering events with impactful insights and innovative journeys across industries. Increasingly, this Forum has become a “must attend” for Revenue, Sales and Commercial Operations leaders.

Find out why and enjoy the powerful and far-reaching benefits of participation!

Our theme of Enduring Leadership … Companies that practice this are characterized by these tenets:

  • Missions not limited to profit and growth…that include a higher order purpose with leaders who care and listen
  • Investments and programs that enable a superb employee experience
  • Leaders who understand the importance of harmonizing functions across the marketing/sales/service/ops continuum
  • Systems and technology that make people better, not obsolete
  • Operations (people, process, tools) actively listening to the market & prepared to adapt
  • Agility based on a relentless need to find what works, experiment constantly…and scale fast
  • Belief in diversity, equity and inclusion because it is the right thing to do AND good business
  • Progress DNA…the tendency to always press forward, particularly when the winds of change are blowing hardest

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Who Should Attend?

Revenue Operations
Sales & Commercial Operations
Sales & Marketing
Customer Experience & Success
Sales Enablement


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Monday, August 15th

5:00pm-6:00pm CT

Opening Cocktail Reception

6:00pm-6:50pm CT

Group Dinner

6:50pm-7:00pm CT

Official Welcome

7:00pm-7:40pm CT


The Unified Customer Lens of Today’s Revenue Ops Organization

7:40pm-7:50pm CT


7:50pm-8:40pm CT

Keynote Panel

The Unified Customer Lens of Today’s Revenue Ops Organization

8:40pm-9:30pm CT

Networking Cocktail Reception


Tuesday, August 16th


8:00am-9:00am CT


9:00am-10:00am CT

Interactive Executive Panels

1.  Emerging Revenue Ecosystems: Rev Ops Drives Unity Across Internal/External Partners & Alliances

New revenue and customer engagement models are forcing companies to rethink partner strategies, strategic alliances and their roles in the revenue ecosystem.  Unifying marketing, sales, service, AND partners to effectively drive customer value is more important than ever.  Mutual expectations from both partners and suppliers have irrevocably changed.  Rev ops is a lynchpin across internal/external partners – helping to solidify strategies, tools, and metrics resulting in a seamless customer experience.

2.  Building the Next-Gen Revenue Ops Team: Talent, Processes & Tools

Build, buy or both? That’s the challenge facing today’s revenue ops leaders. Is it wiser and faster to develop internal talent skills or hire in a fiercely competitive job market? What steps are leaders taking to drive engagement, creativity and collaboration across hybrid teams? And what’s the right balance of existing and newly purchased tools to gather internal/external insights and improve management and workforce effectiveness … all while supporting the growth mission?

10:20am-11:00am CT


Revenue Operations: Listen & Learn Make People Better … Then Take Action

11:00am-11:20am CT


11:20am-12:00pm CT


Enduring Companies Create Enduring Customers: A Critical Role for Rev Ops

12:00pm-1:00m CT

Group Lunch

1:00pm-2:00pm CT

Ask the Keynotes (Q&A Session)

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