Alexander Group's 2017 Operations Forum


June 13th – 5:00pm – 9:00pm

Reception and Dinner

Opening Keynote

How Sales Ops Enables the Go-To-Customer Mandate
A case study in how a transformed Sales Operations function arms sellers with resources to win with new buyers. Followed by panel discussion.

June 14th – 8:00am – 4:30pm

Briefings and Panel Discussions

The Role of Sales Operations in Connecting Strategy with Tactics
The world of sales is changing. In a briefing/practitioner panel format, explore how Sales Ops is becoming the glue that connects Sales and Marketing in a new customer oriented ecosystem where buyers are shifting and demands for value are increasing. Discuss the role of Sales Operations in discovering untapped potential and aligning the resources to leverage it.

What is Sales Enablement?
As new buyers and new strategies emerge, sellers are deluged with processes, systems, tools and instructions aimed to help them succeed. What is meant to help, however, often overwhelms. This is where Sales Enablement comes in. Its mission is to effectively find, provision, coach, and develop sales resources that will thrive in this new world. Attend this session to hear the latest in what companies are doing to enable sales resources to succeed.


How Sales Ops Enables the Go-To-Customer Mandate
Featuring a case study in how a transformed Sales Operations function expertly guides sellers to new buyers armed with the resources needed to win the competitive battle.

Harnessing the Power of Data-Driven Decision Making
Using new sources of market, account and buyer data to target the right selling resources to the right opportunities . . .all in an era when decisions are influenced more by outcomes than relationships.

Rethinking the Sales Operations Tool Kit: A Holistic Architecture
Building a Sales Operations function with the capability to super-charge productivity when growth expectations are high and spending appetite is limited.

Interactive Roundtables

Sales Ops Transforms Sales and Marketing into a “Smarketing Team”
The role and actions of Sales Ops in conceiving and managing the Sales and Marketing partnership (“Sales + Marketing = Smarketing”) that is characterized by joint planning, robust execution and enriched analysis.

Tools and Approaches to Data Driven Decision Making
Sources of data, analytical frameworks and decision-making pathways of the “go-to-customer” Sales Ops team.

Sales Operations and Sales Enablement
What does each of these functions do? Where do they depend on one another? How do you know when each is succeeding? Explore the critical and complimentary roles of each in building and executing go-to-customer strategies.

Networking Reception