Alexander Group's 2017 Operations Forum

June 13-14 | The Langham | Chicago

The Go-To-Customer Mandate:
Align Resources. Unlock Revenue.

Sales Operations = Productivity Accelerator

Markets don’t buy; customers do. As new and demanding customers emerge Sales is charged with both reaching and influencing them. This is the new go-to-customer mandate. Sales Operations is the engine that enables Sales to fulfill this mandate. Great Sales Ops leaders do this by extracting more value from the Marketing, Sales and Service ecosystem.

That means an increasingly strategic role for Sales Ops that enables the Sales function to…

  • Deepen its business acumen
  • Know customers more intimately
  • Make data driven decisions
  • Drive for results in the short term while preparing for the long term

Sales Operations functions as a productivity accelerator by translating marketing strategy into sales action. In this new capacity, Sales Ops delivers impact in three key areas:

Strategy Implementation: Partnering with Marketing to introduce new capabilities

  • Convert market segments into customer targets
  • Craft compelling, outcome oriented messages that sellers will use

Sales Coverage: Organizing sales resources to deliver precise coverage to demanding customers

  • Target expensive specialists for maximum impact
  • Deliver seamless pre and post-sale coverage to improve the customer experience

Sales Enablement: Provisioning sellers to deliver the right value to the right customers

  • Selling tools that improve the odds of success
  • CRM systems tuned to the needs of sellers and managers
  • Holistic training that builds business acumen

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