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Designed for Senior Revenue Leaders:

Request a briefing readout of Manufacturing & Distribution roundtable sessions including recent findings and insights from Alexander Group’s ongoing research.

Topic 1:

Scaling Your Business for Profitable Revenue Growth

Economic turmoil has forced manufacturing and distribution leaders to switch focus. It’s not just about bringing in more money to drive top-line growth. It’s now about increasing margins and reducing costs― profitable revenue growth.

Best practices to drive profitability:

  1. Which avenues to use: expanding into new markets, increasing average order volume, diversifying revenue streams, improving price strategy, etc.?
  2. Which metrics are critical for profit and growth seekers?
  3. How do these metrics drive valuation in manufacturing and distribution?
  4. How can you optimize your investments and go-to-market strategies to be an industry leader?

Topic 2:

Marketing: Where to Focus Efforts and Dollars

In times of economic uncertainty, profitable manufacturers and distributors lean on marketing to generate revenue. What’s working? What’s not? What investments should be optimized?

Alexander Group recently interviewed 100+ marketing executives in manufacturing and distribution to determine their priorities for growth. From marketing roles and resource allocation, data-driven account segmentation and prioritization, to marketing mix, channels and spend, this session includes the latest insights on where marketing executives are focusing efforts and dollars to boost profits and market share.

Topic 3:

2023 Planning: Customer Coverage Models

Rising inflation, constrained supply chains and uncertain demand are impacting commercial models. What are the best practices to prioritize customer segments, protect margin, and maintain and grow market share?

Learn about the latest insights on share of revenue by sales channels and the type of coverage models needed for top customers, hunting for new logos and driving upsell/cross-sell opportunities. This session included research findings from Alexander Group’s Productivity Drivers Report to determine the top priorities for industrial leaders as we plan for 2023.

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