Senior revenue executives:

Topic: Second-half Actions and Planning

Discover the actions revenue, sales and operations leaders are taking now to prepare for the second-half. Key topics included coverage model changes, headcount & deployment planning, goal setting and sales compensation.


Topic: Maximize Net Retention Rates

Learn how to ensure customer success and adoption, reduce churn, take advantage of upsell and cross-sell, and develop strategies for managing account growth during these uncertain times.


Topic: Sales Leadership Response to COVID-19

Alexander Group Technology leaders and executives discussed findings from AGI’s Sales Leadership Flash Survey, leadership mandates in times of severe market disruption, dealing with a new world of virtual selling, tactics for real-time/today’s issues (e.g., quotas, territories, comp), and recession proofing your sales organization.


Topic: Growing XaaS Revenue Through Land-and-Expand

Many companies’ sales models are ill-equipped for the “expansion selling” (i.e., growth after the initial sale) needed in the XaaS world. Expensive hunters and specialists typically focus on closing, and less than 10 percent of the sales budget goes to post-sale management. In the XaaS pay-as-you-go world, sales leaders must grow account revenue over time, but their sales roles, talent and metrics are not aligned to this goal.


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