Senior revenue executives:

Topic: Drive XaaS Realization Through Adopt, Expand & Renew

Consistently growing recurring revenue and customer lifetime value (CLV) is crucial to survival in a XaaS environment. Learn how to utilize value realization, engagement models and customer success roles to maximize your retention rate.

Topic: Xaas Big Rocks

What will sales & strategy leaders do next to ensure valuation growth? Hear how revenue leaders are using leading practices and strategies to increase new customer acquisitions and expand customer lifetime value based on findings from Alexander Group’s recent XaaS Research.

Topic: Re-Thinking Lead Generation

Is your organization maximizing the productivity and efficiency of your lead generation investments? Hear what technology executives shared about trends, strategies and practices that are re-shaping the way companies think about their lead generation models.

Topic: Maximize Net Retention Rates

Learn how to ensure customer success and adoption, reduce churn, take advantage of upsell and cross-sell, and develop strategies for managing account growth during these uncertain times.

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