Alexander Group’s 2017 Strategy Forum

May 8-9 | Princeton Club | New York

The Go-To-Customer Mandate:
Align Resources. Unlock Revenue.

Connect Marketing Strategy to Sales Execution

Want to fill the gap between Marketing Strategy and Sales Execution? Build a Go-To-Customer strategy.

Sales leaders are in charge of the top line. Growth, through smart use of sales resources, is their core responsibility. These leaders know that markets don’t buy anything; customers do. Growth depends on expertly transforming marketing strategy into executable sales tactics. Tactics that bring compelling offers to customers that can benefit from hearing them. Bridging the gap between marketing strategy and sales tactics can unlock the growth potential that these leaders must tap. Success is not a given. It depends on deep understanding and decisive action in three areas:

  1. Customers: Who and where are they?
  2. Messages: What do customers care about?
  3. Resources: What mix of jobs is needed to persuade and serve them?

Go-to-customer strategies build such understanding by requiring sales leaders to more thoroughly and systematically…

  • Learn what customers really value…from products to results
  • Craft compelling value propositions from what they have to offer
  • Target customers according to what they value and how much they can buy
  • Deploy resources calibrated to deliver the value demanded
  • Provision resources with the tools they need to succeed

Join us at the 2017 Chief Sales Executive Strategy Forum to explore how Sales, Revenue and Marketing leaders are designing Go-to-Customer strategies to reliably power their growth engines.

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