Alexander Group's 2016 Cloud/Subscription Go-To-Customer Symposium

If you are focused on optimizing your cloud/subscription sales model, join us first at the Alexander Group’s Cloud/Subscription Go-to-Customer Symposium.


This day-long session, held at Autodesk’s renowned Gallery at One Market Street in San Francisco, will share best practices for the above cloud/subscription growth challenges and much more. Learn more about the agenda here. 

The cloud/subscription marketplace is evolving fast, and companies that do not update their go-to-customer strategies will be left behind. Sales leaders need new innovative sales practices to help them grow their cloud/subscription businesses, manage sales costs and minimize risk. Key challenges include:

  • Launching new sales strategies to address non-IT buyers
  • Strengthening pre-sales and post-sales models
  • Rationalizing the new expense-to-revenue paradigm
  • Driving greater leverage from inside sales
  • Aligning sales comp plans to cloud/subscription strategy

Participants will benefit from hearing AGI’s recent in-depth research on cloud/subscription sales best practices, exchanging solutions with peers, and networking across the cloud/subscription sales leadership community. The insights and benchmarks you learn at this Symposium will provide your team with a significant competitive advantage as you build next fiscal year’s growth plan.

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For more information: contact Erin Sheedy at 415.276.5672.

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