In consideration of the safety of our executive attendees and speakers, we’re shifting participation in this high-value event to a digital setting.

Now, you and your management teams can enjoy impactful stories, insights, tactics and actionable takeaways through a virtual setting across three days.

Test your thinking, brainstorm solutions to rapidly changing key leadership and challenges, and engage with your peers. All conveniently from your home office or other location.

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Thank you for participating in this year’s XaaS Sales Compensation Symposium. Below you’ll find the event sessions and corresponding times.

When you register, you’ll be asked to select the sessions that you will be attending (we hope all of them!).

Benefits of Attending:

  • Engage with other technology revenue leaders
  • Stay up-to-date on current sales comp-related topics, trends and issues with in the tech landscape
  • Gain industry knowledge on best practices, pitfalls and challenges
  • Access Alexander Group’s expertise on sales comp and execution

Tuesday, August 11
(Pre-Event Webinar)

9:30am-10:30am PT

XaaS Sales Comp 101

Get a download on AGI’s XaaS sales compensation concepts and frameworks, whether you are new to XaaS sales comp or a veteran looking for a refresher.

Wednesday, August 12

9:30am-10:20am PT

How XaaS Business Metrics Translate to Sales Comp Plan Metrics

Managing customer acquisition costs, net recurring revenue and expense to revenue are key metrics for any Xaas business. This session will provide insights on how to incorporate elements of these metrics into sales compensation plans.

10:30am-11:20am PT

Managing Sales Comp Program Effectiveness

How do companies measure their plan effectiveness – what analytics do you need to run and how do you interpret these to continue to drive program improvements?

11:20am-12:00pm PT


12:00pm-12:50pm PT

Aligning Sales Comp to Support Recurring Revenue Business Models

Is your current sales comp in alignment with a recurring revenue business model? Business model changes require sales comp evolution to drive the right behaviors and accelerate the pace of change?

1:00pm-1:50pm PT

Using Sales Compensation to Enable Customer Success Strategy

There are many flavors of Customer Success – how do companies know if they’re using the right sales compensation plan?

Thursday, August 13

9:30am-10:20am PT

Managing Sales Comp and Quotas During Times of Market Uncertainty

What philosophies and practices do companies use to manage their sales comp and quotas during times of disruption and uncertainty? How to pick and prioritize the right solutions?

10:30am-11:20am PT

Renewal Complexities

When to drive early renewals (e.g., co-terms) and how to compensate on early renewals and late renewals.

11:20am-12:00pm PT


12:00pm-12:50pm PT

Quotas and Sales Comp for New and Ramping Hires

How are companies treating quotas and sales compensation for new hires, including draws, ramping quotas and other features?

1:00pm-1:50pm PT

Attendee Q&A

Open forum! Got a question that doesn’t fit with the agenda topics? Bring it to Day 1 or submit to Cassie Peterson. They’ll be collected as the basis for this closing session.

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