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“I decided to attend the Alexander Group Forum because there is really no venue that I have found in the U.S., to bring chief sales executives together and learn from one another, their experiences at tackling the challenges that we have with revenue growth in the company.”

photo of john hanna JOHN HANNA
Chief Commercial Officer
“This is an opportunity to step away, lift your head up above the horizon, learn about new ideas, and think about how that could apply to your business. How you could bring that back and improve your business.”

photo of andrew hosmer ANDREW HOSMER
VP, U.S. Sales

“I know I have forged some relationships that I can take from here, and continue to develop those relationships in businesses that I would have never been able to do before, because these are industries that just do not cross over all the time. It is making a lot of connections in different industries and connections that I know can take further outside of this forum.”

photo of beth webb BETH WEBB
Chief Global Product Manager
GE Digital
“I get a chance to re-evaluate the way we go to market. I have a chance to make sure I look at it from fresh eyes, but I always get an opportunity to walk away from here with nuggets that I will be able to implement in our business going forward.”

photo of dave spencer DAVE SPENCER
Chief Operating Officer
SAP North America

“It is interesting to hear from folks in manufacturing, to healthcare, to logistics that some of the same challenges that we are facing they are actually facing in their industries, too.”

photo of sheela zemlin SHEELA ZEMLIN
“I really enjoy meeting folks and learning from people’s experiences. It is one thing to read it in the book, it is another thing to really hear people’s real-life experiences and understand the good and the bad.”

photo of mark nasiff MARK NASIFF
Chief Operating Officer


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