Healthcare Go-to-Customer Study

Join our study to discover trends, benchmarks and best practices in the industry

To examine the latest trends and gain insights into how the market will evolve, the Alexander Group is conducting its Healthcare Go-to-Customer Study.


You can expect insights on:

  • Investment profiles across customer-facing roles
  • Market access and key account programs
  • Evolution of traditional selling roles
  • Expansion of lower cost selling roles
  • Enhancement of clinical support programs
  • Usage of digital sales and marketing programs
  • Trends in compensation levels and design

The study will also gather the latest trends regarding:

  • Medical devices and products
  • Healthcare technology
  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology
  • Healthcare services

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Study participants will receive a comprehensive report along with highly relevant benchmarks, including expense-to-revenue ratios, revenue per customer-facing role, management ratios, sales force composition ratios and sales compensation levels.

Read more in the article, “Thriving in the New Healthcare Ecosystem.”

Explore highlights from our ongoing research.

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Craig Ackerman

Craig Ackerman

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Doug Beveridge