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Commercial & Industrial Services Growth and Go-to-Market Imperatives

Commercial and industrial firms have a lot of challenges. They need to secure production and office facilities—and ensure the safety and constant upkeep of those facilities. They need to source and maintain equipment to keep factories running and planes flying. They need support expanding in new, often unfamiliar markets and moving goods across complex supply chains.

Diverse companies that support the complex service needs of this sector face unprecedented challenges of their own. Many service providers (in logistics, equipment maintenance, facilities management, etc.) have built multi-billion dollar revenue streams and service hubs across the globe but need to redefine commercial models to deal with:

  • Unmanaged Growth: “We don’t have our assets where the growth is”
  • Decentralized Models: “You can’t manage a national customer from one, local service center”
  • Service Proliferation & Customization: “We went from selling one core offering to nine across all segments”
  • Technology Enablement: “Our customers can find a brokered service provider in one hour”       

At the same time, manufacturers and tech firms are aggressively investing in their own service arms to drive more growth and lock in long-term revenue streams.

Despite all these challenges, established service providers are making strides to stay competitive and working with the Alexander Group to:

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