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The Manufacturing community enables manufacturing executives to share insights and take away valuable approaches for immediate use. Participants engage with other sales leaders in live, interactive discussions while gaining industry knowledge on best practices, pitfalls and challenges.


Exclusive, executive-only annual events where revenue-focused leaders come to hear about go-to-customer strategy, sales operations and sales management. Learn More »

Virtual Roundtables

Participants ask questions, share insights and take away valuable approaches for immediate use. Roundtable discussions are held conveniently via a conference call. Learn More »


Virtual events covering revenue and sales-centric topics for executives, sales, marketing, sales/commercial operations and HR/compensation leaders.
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Customized, half-day sessions designed for 10 – 12 senior executives to discuss specific, contemporary issues and key imperatives. Attendance is by invitation only. If you are a VP or higher-level executive who is interested in joining an upcoming Summit, please contact Betty Corrado for more information.

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Upcoming Events


Virtual Roundtable

January 16 & 21
Topic: Sizing the Prize and Setting Sales Quotas
Discover the straightforward, and proven, science to building a dynamic opportunity model. Learn More »

Virtual Roundtable

March 19 & 31
Topic: Revenue (Sales) Operations
Ensure your revenue (sales) operations function has a healthy heart and a well-functioning brain to drive sales force results and revenue growth. Learn More »

Virtual Roundtable

May 14 & 19
Topic: Channel Partner Programs
Unravel the vexing questions of who does what, when and how to jointly provide the solutions customers seek―and most importantly, who invest and who gets paid. Learn More »

Virtual Roundtable

July 14 & 21
Topic: Sales Compensation
Correctly align sales personnel pay with company objectives to ensure your sales compensation plan pays for sales performance. Learn More »

Recent Events

Virtual Roundtable Session
The rise of the CRO culture Learn More »

Virtual Roundtable Session
Solving the complexities of a solution-selling model Learn More »

Virtual Roundtable Session
Sales compensation Learn More »

Virtual Roundtable Session
Channel partner integration Learn More »

2019 Operations Forum Learn More »