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Transforming Your AdTech GTM Model

71% of total media spend is now digital and this will only continue to increase.
41% of media buyers are now partnering with technology vendors in anticipation of the cookie-less future.

As the AdTech industry evolves, so do advertiser demands.
Transforming your go-to-market model is no longer an option, it’s essential for survival.

Uncover the Industry Research Findings

As agency and advertiser needs become more complex, AdTech firms are challenged with gaining a better understanding of what clients value from the relationship.

Alexander Group has uncovered five key mandates that are shaping the AdTech space, and steps AdTech firms should take for a successful 2022.

1. Increasing Complexity Will Require A Deeper Understanding

The product set and typical support structures are becoming increasingly complex – companies will require a stronger understanding of agency and advertiser needs across buying journeys and how to best deliver on expectations at scale.

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2. Customer Success as an Increasing Focus

Scaled and effective customer success teams will be increasingly important for 2022. CSMs will focus more of their time on defined sales motions of adoption, expansion and renewals while not losing sight of customer health and service.

3. Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)

Successful commercial teams will work together in concert to increase LTV through sales motions focused on solution usage, value realization, renewals, and expansion. Broader teaming often brings up the topic of “sales” incentives and how to ensure alignment and equity.

4. Scaling Functionality Around Connected TV, Digital Out of Home and Household IDs

Increased usage of CTV, HHIDs, DOOH in advertising will require new specialists, pricing models, quotas, training and development programs, and supporting comp as well as other structural and enablement changes.

4. Dedicated Support for ROI Determination

Advertisers want to work with companies that have dedicated roles created to drive ROI across three valences:

  • Campaign Activation. How do you ensure the activation team is in tune with the entire sales pursuit and has detailed information about the client’s needs to successfully execute once the deal is inked?
  • Customer Success/Account Manager. What kind of AMs should you deploy? How commercially oriented should your CS/AMs be? Are you successfully measuring renewal vs. expansion revenue? Can you differentiate goaling for the two?
  •  Platform Improvement. Who is responsible for evangelizing your platform? Are ownership and accountability clear? Are your sellers armed with a scalable playbook to translate that value proposition to the mid-level agency and direct stakeholders?


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