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Igor Uroic Principal Alexander Group, Inc

Quang Do Director Alexander Group, Inc


Alexander Group Media | 2023 Go-to-Market Strategic Priorities

Alexander Group Principals Igor Uroic and Quang Do join host Matt Bartels to discuss the 2023 go-to-market strategic priorities for media and tech industries. They share four areas of focus including profitability, productivity, process and people.
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Joy Robins | The 5AM Mindset

“There does have to be thought, strategy and intentionality to put into the interactions you’re having every day.” In this latest episode, Matt Bartels sits down with Joy Robins, chief revenue officer at The Washington Post Company. Tune in as Joy shares why empathy, humility and intention are essential for building a culture of success in the sales industry.
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About the Podcast 

How do you build success in the increasingly unpredictable world of media sales? What does it take to be a top-notch media sales leader? Is there a secret sauce?

Join Matt Bartels as he speaks with experienced executives who share their journey within the whimsical world of media ― from industry transformations to personal stories of success, failures and learnings along the way.

Get the inside scoop with these exclusive, one-on-one chats showcasing game-changing tactics to transform your revenue vision into profitable results.

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Matt Bartels - Media Podcast- Alexander Group, Inc.


Hayley Romer- the Atlantic - Alexander Group, Inc.

Hayley Romer | Believing In Eternal Possibility

“Be yourself. If you are the best version of yourself, it will break through and resonate with other people.” In this latest episode, Matt Bartels chats with Hayley Romer, chief revenue officer at The Atlantic, who shares the importance of acknowledging when there is space for improvement and using that opportunity to grow, as well as the importance of trust, communication and optimism when building a high-performing team.
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Igor Uroic Principal Alexander Group, Inc

Quang Do Director Alexander Group, Inc

Alexander Group Media Study | Moving Past the Pandemic and into Hyper-Growth

Learning about new information is one thing, implementing it is another. Join Matt Bartels as he chats with Igor Uroic & Quang Do, leaders of the Alexander Group Media Sales practice, to share findings from Alexander Group’s recent Media Sales Industry Trends Research and discover the five trends that high performing media firms are leading with to drive revenue growth in 2022.
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Inside Scoop with Sarah Personette – Part 2

“Own the organization you want to be a part of” – wise words from the successful leader that is Twitter Chief Customer Officer, Sarah Personette. Listen in to Part Two of her captivating episode to hear Sarah share with Matt the importance of accountability, why kindness and success go hand in hand and how to build a more inclusive future.
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Inside Scoop with Sarah Personette – Part 1

Fail fast, learn faster. Some of the smallest failures can be the most impactful ones in your career, and that’s not something you’ll see on the resume of a successful leader like Sarah Personette, chief customer officer at Twitter. Join Matt Bartels in part 1 of this episode as he chats with Sarah on her new leadership role, being resilient in the face of adversity, and the stories behind her mantra “you’re too good not to be better.”
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Inside Scoop with Geoff Schiller

In this episode, Geoff Schiller, chief revenue officer at Group Nine Media, shares his experiences and lessons learned transitioning into leadership, and how his mantra of “it’s all connected” helped him become the successful leader he is today.
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Jason Wagenheim - BDG-Alexander Group

Inside Scoop with Jason Wagenheim

Lead from behind. Listen in as Matt Bartels chats with Jason Wagenheim, president & chief revenue officer at BDG, as he shares his advice for creating a thriving culture of communication, trust, and respect with your team, and how to set yourself up for success as a leader.
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Sean Giancola - NY Post - Alexander Group

Sean Giancola – Lean Into Change & Your Team for Success

“Leadership is getting in the trenches with your team”. Tune in to the latest episode as Matt Bartels chats with Sean Giancola, chief executive officer & publisher at New York Post, who shares his advice for kickstarting your career, hiring & retaining outstanding staff and leading your team to success.
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Deirdre Lester, barstool sports

Inside Scoop with Deirdre Lester

Don’t be afraid to take risks. In this episode, Deirdre Lester, chief revenue officer at Barstool Sports, shares her advice with host Matt Bartels for becoming one of the most powerful people in Media.
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jon kaplan

Inside Scoop with Jon Kaplan

Have the mindset of always learning. Jon Kaplan, chief revenue officer at Pinterest, chats with Matt Bartels on his journey in digital, taking time for yourself, and helping his team be more productive as a servant leader.
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Lex Josephs - Walmart Media - Executive Forum - The Alexander Group, Inc.

Inside Scoop with Lex Josephs

Believe in yourself. That’s one of the many mantras of Lex Josephs, VP and GM of Sam’s Club. Join Matt Bartels as he chats with Lex to uncover why the key to success in sales and media may be simpler than you think.
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Inside Scoop with Scott Kelliher

Confidence is key. In this episode, Scott Kelliher, vice president, American sales (North) at Quantcast, joins Matt to share his advice for outstanding sales leadership and creating consumer experiences people rave about.
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