In a previous post, based on research from the 2013 Sales Pulse Survey, I indicated that high growth companies plan to invest more in their sales organizations than moderate and low growth companies. I also took the position that this investment was meant to drive growth, not just keep up with it. There are two key points to further support that position.

First, over half of the Fast Growers claimed that their primary focus in 2013 will be the slow growth North American market. To make aggressive growth targets in North American two thirds of this same group recognized that they would have to grow faster than their industry. This is sales-driven, not demand-driven growth.

Secondly, almost two thirds of these Fast Growers indicated that they intend to reach their growth number by acquiring new accounts. New accounts do not volunteer to convert…they must be sold to.

2013 Sales Growth Strategy

The management teams in Fast Growers are not hiring sales resources to keep up with demand. Rather, these are the actions that bold leaders take when faced with stretch objectives. They invest in sales because it is the best investment they can make. Alexander Group believes that these leaders are:

  • Hiring more inside sales resources to both find opportunities in the market as well as service current accounts more efficiently.
  • Hiring more outside sales to cover and convert new accounts.
  • Hiring more sales operations resources to ensure that all these new assets are appropriately deployed and provisioned.

What are you investing in your sales organization? What actions are you taking to reach your 2013 growth number? Feel free to comment here, or to join the conversation on our Chief Sales Executive Forum LinkedIn Group.


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