AnnualForumLogo250x250At the Chief Sales Executive Forum this October, sales leaders from multiple industries will convene to learn how great sales organizations are rapidly transforming from selling things to delivering value and insight. In a complex world where customers expect many different kinds of value … from great products to innovative solutions … enabling sellers to deliver the right value to the right customer is critical. This year’s Forum theme … “Sales Motions:  Connect Customers to Value” … is both timely and important.

Greatness in sales today means developing expertise across multiple sales motions – from delivering the deepest insights to C-suite clients, to efficiently quoting price. At the 2015 Forum we will explore how great sales organizations skillfully deliver three unique motions to meet the needs of multiple customer segments:

Connecting customers to value through multiple sales motions is a complex undertaking. The 2015 Forum will explore three key aspects of how great sales organizations are doing this.

I. What great organizations do to meet the needs of sophisticated customers:


II. How the great companies are expanding the role of sales:


III. How great leaders prepare their sales organizations for change:

Our comprehensive agenda offers the highest caliber roster of speakers comprised solely of current, senior level practitioners. You will hear from senior sales leaders, sales operations leaders and the GMs who charter the sales function. Join us for this one-of-a-kind experience. Meet your peers to explore the future of sales.

Learn more about the 2015 Chief Sales Executive Forum.


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