depositphotos_32562553_s-2015_09222016blogThe Alexander Group (AGI), through recent project work and research, has identified several key challenges facing wholesale distribution organizations. Some trends (e.g., the need for tablet-based customer support) are relatively new. Others are evolving (e.g., full vs. partial disintermediation) or gaining traction (e.g., finding talent to avoid the looming retirement cliff).

AGI knows that by virtue of its place in the value chain, distribution is subject to fast-changing demands from both suppliers and customers. Distributors need to continuously examine their go-to-customer models to maximize the value they can create and capture. To this end, AGI has commissioned a study to analyze trends in wholesale distribution across segments and companies. The study will reveal how sales and marketing organizations are evolving to meet the needs of customers and the larger market.

Leaders from wholesale distribution organizations who participate in the study will receive a detailed complimentary report that examines the following topics:

  • Customer Need–Buying preferences (e.g., omni-channel) from end customers.
    Understand: How does our sales coverage model align with buyer preferences?
  • Structure, Functions, Ratios–Prevalent sales organization design, including headcount ratios and level of centralization.
    Learn: How is your sales team organized and what are average ratios you should compare against?
  • Investments–Where distributor sales and marketing organizations are planning to make enhancements and key investments.
    Decide: Where can your limited sales investment dollars create the greatest ROI?
  • Seller Productivity–Volume expectations for multiple types of selling roles.
    Compare: Are my sellers in line with industry production levels?
  • Challenges–The biggest challenges distributor peers are tackling today and tomorrow.
    Evaluate: Are you in good company tackling similar issues or addressing leading-edge issues that others have not yet faced?

AGI invites you to join us in this Distributor Growth Study to leverage these insights and inform the evolution of your go-to-customer approach.

Participate in the 2016 Distributor Growth Study.

Learn more about the Alexander Group’s perspectives on distribution or schedule a briefing with one of our practice leaders.

Read more AGI articles about distribution.

Andrew Horvath, Kyle Uebelhor, and John Drosos are Alexander Group’s Distribution practice leaders.


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Industry: Distribution

Role: Sales and Marketing Leadership

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