kingmanink_alexandergroup_2017forecast-250Gary Tubridy, SVP of the Alexander Group (AGI), presented some of the key findings from the recent AGI Sales Pulse Survey at the 2016 Chief Sales Executive Forum. The findings touched on issues regarding sales productivity, customer segments, revenue growth and more.

Key findings included:

  • Growth Goals–At 7 percent, the median growth goal is ambitious.
  • Confidence–Only 10 percent of survey participants are “very confident” that they can achieve 7 percent growth in 2017. Why? Customers are transforming fast and investments in bolstering sales resources have been modest at best.
  • Sales Productivity–Companies are making investments in training. As well, they are trying to maximize seller face time with customers by removing as much admin burden as possible. Companies are also investing to reframe the role of the front line sales manager in building seller skills.
  • Customers–Customers fall into three categories: those who want innovative business solutions, those who want best-in-class products and those who simply want the best price. The largest and fastest growing segment: those seeking solutions. But, companies must be able to cover ALL segments, so loading up on expensive specialists to team sell in the innovation segment is not the answer. Balanced investment is needed to execute multiple sales motions.
  • Customer Loyalty–After the sale, the ability of the seller to deliver on sales promises is critical. A strong relationship between Sales and Service is the key. Alignment in metrics and goals between the sales and service functions has never been more important.

The illustration below from graphic recorder Kelly Kingman illustrates Gary’s presentation in a most innovative way. Enjoy!


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