Participants of Alexander Group’s 2019 Sales Pulse Survey revealed insights into how they are covering three core segments of the market: solution seekers, product seekers and price seekers (part 1). In part 2 we explore how high growers, companies with 2019 growth objectives at or above 10%, are developing a balanced approach to market coverage leveraging field assets and growing a digital backbone.

This group is focused on building revenue in the solution seeker segment as they allocate resources accordingly. High growers, made up of 44 survey participants, share four unique characteristics:

  • Headcount: They plan to add more headcount across the board
  • Coverage Budget: This budget is more focused on serving the solution segment
  • Digital: They invest in digital technologies that are more central to their coverage strategies
  • Initiatives: Their stated initiatives are more customer-centric; productivity plays are mentioned less frequently

The video below highlights these characteristics and how high grower initiatives are more oriented to improving the customer journey than are low growers.

View part one of this series.

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Survey Findings
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