Underutilization is everywhere and sales assets are no exception. Sales asset underutilization can negatively impact sales productivity. In fact, most sales forces operate at far below their full potential every year.

Chances are your sales assets are underutilized. While the average sales cost per seller is nearly half a million dollars, only 25 percent of sellers’ time is considered high value, while just over 40 percent of sellers on average are making annual quota.

To help you better understand your sales force’s strengths and weaknesses, the Alexander Group has created the Sales Asset Utilization Framework. This framework examines how the following components impact utilization:

  1. Investing in your sales organization
  2. Aligning your coverage model to market
  3. Executing your go-to-customer strategy
  4. Gathering accurate feedback from your sales force
  5. Measuring and achieving results

Watch this short video to learn more. Over the coming months, the Alexander Group will address each component of the framework in detail. You will see how you can compare your metrics to benchmark data, align and improve productivity.

Stay tuned for the next video in the Sales Asset Utilization series. To learn more about how the right sales analytics can guide your revenue growth strategy, contact us today.
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