In Alexander Group’s annual Sales Pulse Survey, 70% of the 111 participating Fortune 1000 sales executives told us that “better solutions” will be a critical component of their 2011 growth strategy.  No other means of differentiation, from “better products” to “better prices” even comes close.

What does this mean?  The role of the sales person in finding and customizing the right solutions for their customers is moving the sales organization and its management team into an increasingly prominent role. Decisions these executives make on enabling sellers to position and deliver these “better solutions” will spell the difference between success and failure of most growth strategies.

As a result survey participants are looking to increase their investment in:

  1. Improving the sales process by better leveraging vertical and solution expertise to improve the win rate…as well as ROI
  2. Increasing the amount of selling time available to all sellers and specialists by shifting lower value activities to less critical positions
  3. Delivering  more and better information to sellers about their customers and the available solutions through improved data bases and point of sale technology

If solution selling plays a prominent role in your 2011 growth strategy, be sure your sellers are positioned to deliver the value that a successful solution sales strategy requires.

Learn more about AGI’s Sales Growth strategies.


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