Bill Taylor, co-founder of Fast Company magazine and best-selling author, joins the Alexander Group’s 2017 Chief Sales Executive Annual Forum as the luncheon keynote speaker. Bill’s latest book, Simply Brilliant: How Great Organizations Do Ordinary Things in Extraordinary Ways, pinpoints opportunities for breakaway performance and shows how such opportunities may be closer than we think. In a recent podcast interview, Gary Tubridy, SVP of the Alexander Group, interviewed Bill about his book and what he will be bringing to the Chief Sales Executive Annual Forum in November.

A big challenge today, Bill notes, is that organizations and leaders have to figure out how to stand for something exciting and compelling, while rethinking and reimagining what is possible in their company–even in traditional industries. His latest book serves as a manifesto for these companies to embrace change in an ever-changing environment.

In an example, Bill shares a story about Metro Bank in London that is now adding a retail experience for their customers. The founder, Vernon Hill, decided to create an engaging atmosphere that caters to the customer’s needs versus the traditional banking experience. For Metro Bank, it is not about bringing in cutting edge technology or radical business strategies, but rather stepping back and asking, “Is there a new, more interesting way to be a bank?” Through this research, Taylor concluded that companies and sales leaders need to stop asking how to be the best at what everyone else is already doing; instead, ask how to become the only ones who do what you do.

Do you work as distinctively as you compete? People are hungry for consistency and simplicity. Cutting through the clutter and identifying what makes your company stand out is what aligning your resources is about. Through this alignment, you can unlock new revenue. At the Chief Sales Executive Annual Forum, Bill will share how sales leaders should learn to walk the talk. He will also discuss how to engage sales and marketing to show the outside world what your company can provide to customers that is different from any competitor.

Listen to the full interview with Bill Taylor.

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