Alexander Group Distribution Podcast Revenue GrowthTechnology and innovation continue to affect the way manufacturers design products and how customers gather information, interact with supply chains, and ultimately purchase goods. In response, distributors who have long relied upon legacy sales structures and relationship selling are searching for new ways to maximize growth profit dollars.

Part 1 noted distributors’ challenges with consolidation and e-commerce. Here in part 2, John Drosos and Andrew Horvath offer advice around two additional trends that also affect distributors, both of which are associated with talent: 1) the transitioning workforce, and 2) the need for the development of new roles. A rapidly transitioning workforce has made finding and retaining the right talent daunting. Customer-savvy clients demand sellers trained with a variety of skillsets, not just selling aptitude. And the need to reach each customer segment calls for the development of new sales roles.

At 2:46 in the podcast, Andrew illustrates the importance of designing sales managers’ roles that focus on coaching teams and staffing those teams with managerial talent, not just “super sellers.”

Episode 2: Top Trends Impacting the Industry – Part 2

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Access Part 1 of the podcast series.


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Industry: Distribution

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