kingmanink_alexandergroup_buchholz-250At the 2016 Chief Sales Executive Forum, Judy Buchholz (GM, IBM Digital Sales) walked through the new digital and social selling engine that is adding more value to the customer experience. Having a certified sales team (not just a trained one) is a pre-requisite for increased productivity in the digital channel.

Judy emphasized the following main points:

  • Constantly Reinvent–Look to the future and ask, “What are the right solutions for new customers?”
  • Be Digitally Engaged–This is a state of mind, not just an age group. Companies must continually think of new ways to engage new customers in new markets.
  • Be in the Moment–Businesses need to deliver results. Don’t be afraid to fail and be there for customers the moment they are looking for something.

The illustration below from graphic recorder Kelly Kingman illustrates Judy’s presentation in a most innovative way. Enjoy!

kingmanink_alexandergroup_buchholz-1000Don’t miss the 2017 CSE Forum Series–registration will be open soon. Reserve your spot today!


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Industry: Cross-Industry

Role: C-Suite, Sales and Marketing Leadership

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