kingmanink_alexandergroup_davisspears-250At the 2016 Chief Sales Executive Forum, Dr. Shirley Davis, president of SDS Global Enterprises; and Marvin Spears, senior director–sales force enablement at Johnson Controls, presented strategies that companies can use to grow revenue by embracing diversity within their organizations.

  • Drive Business Impact–Diverse teams can drive business impact. If you expand your network by embracing a diverse sales team and partnering with minority organizations, you can reach more prospects.
  • Embrace Shifting Demographics–The up and coming workforce is diverse. Potential employees will view companies that embrace diversity as an employer of choice. Use diversity as a strategy to win the war for talent.
  • Focus on Inclusion–Make everyone feel that they have access and a fair shot within the company. Put a diverse group of people into the company’s succession plan; don’t just “check the box.”
  • Have Accountability–Culture starts at the top. Make the business case for diversity at the C-suite. Be sure everyone is bought in and supportive, from the top of the organization on down.

The illustration below from graphic recorder Kelly Kingman illustrates this presentation in a most innovative way. Enjoy!

kingmanink_alexandergroup_davisspears-1000Don’t miss the 2017 CSE Forum Series–registration will be open soon. Reserve your spot today!


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