Over the past two weeks, we have completed the Chief Sales Executive Forum events in Dallas and New York. A few insights stand out:

  • Most every executive is moving his or her organization toward value selling…harnessing the sales organization’s intellectual capital to solve problems, even identify opportunities for their customers.
  • The transition to value selling is tough…finding and deploying the resources needed to do this is both time consuming and expensive.
  • These leaders expect significant turnover during this transition. Yet they take great care to respect, engage and motivate their sales teams to join in the effort. They are eloquent in pointing out organizational strengths, celebrating past successes and describing a bright future. They are absolutely upbeat in exhorting their teammates to sign up for a new and exciting opportunity.

In short, these executives have vision about what it takes to win in a new and extremely competitive world. They enthusiastically describe this vision to their teams and invite them to be a part of it, believing that many sellers and managers will see the opportunity as clearly as they do (while others will see that it is not right for them and opt out voluntarily). Their vision and optimism is laying the groundwork for building the next generation of value sellers.


Insight type: Article

Industry: Cross-Industry

Role: C-Suite, Sales and Marketing Leadership

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