In this three-part video series, Nick Johnson, Head of Ad Sales, McClatchy; Greg Nesbitt, VP Global High Frequency, FUJIFILM VisualSonics; and Katherine Tate, Chief Business Operations Officer, Quest Software share their perspectives on Alexander Group’s 2020 Operations Forum Attendee Survey. Key topics include:

  • Preparing for the Long Top Line Disruption: The COVID-19 Revenue Impact
  • Planning to Increase/Pause/Reduce Sales Hiring & Inside Sales Headcount
  • Accelerating Investments in Digital Tools
  • Responding to the Pandemic with Incentive Guarantees or Adjusted Quotas
  • Protecting the Base & Customer Success…Top Management Priorities

Watch Part 1:

Watch Part 2:

Watch Part 3:

Looking to build out your second-half or 2021 plan? Alexander Group is hosting a full calendar of Leadership Series events, including virtual roundtables, sales compensation symposiums, and our capstone event – the Executive Forum (virtual for 2020!) in November.

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